Month: June 2018

Syncretism in Externals

LWF and ISLAMIC WORLD RELIEF publish joint manual regarding "faith sensitive" approaches to religious identity in humanitarian response.

| June 30, 2018 | Matt Dent
Lutheran Church Canada

A warning for the LCMS and it’s distractions into non-churchly areas.


| June 30, 2018 | LP
“United in Love Pre-Pride Mass”

Like I always say: If you just remember that the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest liberal protestant denomination in America, it all makes sense. (And every day the Portland situation is allowed to continue, we another step down the same path.)

| June 29, 2018 | David Ramirez
Fortress Press to pick up Tullian

ELCA radical grace open to all. Maybe this ELCA endorsement of him will lessen the lcms love for him and his teaching (nah…. see Forde, Gerhard).

| June 29, 2018 | LP
“Infant Baptisms Violate a Baby’s Human Rights”

Well, if you put Enlightenment assumptions in, Enlightenment solutions will be pumped out.

| June 28, 2018 | David Ramirez
But I Thought the Ethiopian Lutherans were Moving in Our Direction and Didn’t Like the LWF?

Newly elected president of Mekane Yesus, Rev. Yonas Yigezu Dibisi, preaches at the opening worship of Lutheran World Fsederation 2018 Council meeting with two female "pastors." #globalsouthdisappointment

| June 28, 2018 | David Ramirez
Sacerdotalism: Rome and LCMS Hand in Hand

"Pope Says No to Women Priests, Yes to Women in Curial Leadership" This is the same sacerdotal reasoning that makes it ok in the Missouri Synod for women to be on the CTCR, Board of Directors, Chairmen of congregations, read the lessons, distribute communion, authoritatively teach, etc….as long as they don’t go near the altar since they don’t have the indelible character of the special shaman.

| June 28, 2018 | David Ramirez

If only…cause it’s probably exactly what’s needed.

| June 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Article Received: More Info on the Southern Baptist Meltdown

"On June 12, the SBC announced that my resolution was declined in committee and would not be brought to the floor. Sixteen resolutions went to the floor, mostly with left-wing inflections. These included statements on the immigration crisis, gun violence, rights for women, diversity, racism, thanking the Rockefeller family, and celebrating the memory of Billy Graham. The same day, the judiciary committee of the California state Senate was moving to approve the California law banning any ex-gay counseling. The Southern Baptist Convention was deciding, it seemed, to give up on helping anyone in its churches leave homosexuality for heterosexuality. These people would choose not only indifference, but rather supportive dialogue with gay groups that seek to punish people for trying to make such changes."

| June 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Crisis in the LCMS

Another Trip Down Memory Lane That Probably Would Be a Good Reminder to Us All

| June 19, 2018 | David Ramirez
Get It While It’s Hot!

CPH Not Quite Perfect: The Reformation

| June 19, 2018 | David Ramirez
“Season of Creation” added to the Liturgical Calendar

Thankfully, it will only be added to those liturgical calendars of churches that are dying or have already apostatized.

| June 19, 2018 | David Ramirez
Strangely Selective Outrage Part II

This why unplugging yourself from the MSM will give you a more level head, a broader view, and help you not look like a dancing monkey for the Left.

| June 19, 2018 | David Ramirez
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