Month: July 2020

Sheriff’s Office Confirms to TGP That There WILL Be Charges Filed Against BLM Supporter Who Kneeled on Neck of White Baby

Disgusting. And the media ignoring it will not help race relations in this country. I wonder if the LCMS will put out a statement on this incident. Or, do you have to riot, loot, murder, and become a trendy leftist cause on Twitter to get noticed by the Karens of Synod. The church in America is failing on many fronts.

| July 22, 2020 | David Ramirez
The precision of science: Now the Moon is 85 million years younger than it was yesterday

This is why trusting is "scientific" guesswork built on speculative assumptions is silly and only betrays the fact that you watched too much Star Trek in your misspent youth. The "millions and billions of years" crew doesn’t science very well.

| July 14, 2020 | David Ramirez
Transgender Activist Facing 50 Years In Prison For Raping 4 Year Old Girl On Video

The insane and wicked are running the asylum. For the sake of our children, the wicked must be crushed. Wake up America. Satan is ripping off his mask right in front of you. #ChristendomRising #DeusVult

| July 14, 2020 | David Ramirez
Krystal Brazel says she was fired from Lutheran High School after refusing to sign a statement that homosexuality is a sin

She wanted to coach the softball team. This is my shocked face. Good that the school is sticking to its guns, but…THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T HIRE NON-LUTHERANS TO TEACH/LEAD/OVERSEE/YOUR CHILDREN, YOU MORONIC LUTHERANS!

| July 13, 2020 | David Ramirez
German Catholic princess slams ‘the pill’ for being anti-woman, causing cancer

Glad at least some royals showing nobility. She should become a Lutheran princess though! #BringBackChristendom

| July 13, 2020 | David Ramirez
Concordia forms Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Imagine thinking that this is a good idea. LCMS boomers are so behind the curve, it really should disqualify them from the right to walk and chew gum at the same time…for the safety of others. But perhaps I should look at the beam in my own eye…imagine having used to thunk that a "confessional" administration would have actually moved the Concordias in the right direction. #LostDecade

| July 9, 2020 | David Ramirez
Turkey Torn on Whether Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Should Be a Museum or a Mosque

Yeah…let’s just make Istanbul Constantinople again. #BringBackChristendom

| July 9, 2020 | David Ramirez
Feds investigating Concordia College’s Israel program *
  • Supporting BLM, being put on accreditation probation, getting investigated by the Feds…What craziness is going on at Concordia-New York? Why does a Lutheran college have anything to do with "seminaries in Israel"?!? Clean that place up or shut it down. We don’t need our good name to be sullied by any more scandals at that disaster of an institution. Do any Lutherans even attend anymore?
| July 9, 2020 | David Ramirez
Chronicles: The True ‘White Privilege’ by Srdja Trifkovic

A breath of fresh air indeed! Too bad the Synod’s articles have been slop compared to this vigorous and manly article. We need more truth tellers and less mob-appeasing wimps.

| July 8, 2020 | David Ramirez
*It’s clear whom they serve*

Sir Michael Palin backs calls to redesign Queen’s ‘racist’ knighthood honour showing St Michael crushing the devil – because it ‘looks like George Floyd’s murder’ as Jamaica’s governor refuses to wear it and 16,000 sign petition

| July 1, 2020 | David Ramirez
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