Month: July 2018

SJWs Turn to Kipling

The Telegraph: "Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ poem scrubbed off wall by students who claim he was a ‘racist’" This reminds me of the Anabaptists smashing stained glass windows in the 1520s.

| July 18, 2018 | David Ramirez
“What Happens if the Gender Gap Becomes a Gender Chasm?”

That we even need to ask questions like this only highlights the wisdom of our forefathers in regards to maintaining the harmonious order of creation for men and women instead of advancing an atomistic individualism that pits them against each other. In Christian Dogmatics (the standard dogmatic textbook of the Missouri Synod), Dr. Franz Pieper, wrote, "Woman ought not be dragged from her place of honor into public life." The world has now devolved to the point that women run from their place of honor into a competition they cannot even hope to win.

| July 17, 2018 | David Ramirez
NALC Spreading Women’s Ordination in Africa

"NALC Bishop John Bradosky, invited NALC women theologians to come and train Christian women leaders in the doctrines of the faith from an orthodox Lutheran perspective. Because ELCM (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi) does not have enough pastors to preach and teach in all of its congregations, lay people, including women, provide preaching and teaching. The ELCM does not ordain women, but church leaders have expressed desire to begin that process."

| July 11, 2018 | David Ramirez
More Female “Pastors” in Africa…This Time It’s Our NALC Dialogue Partners

So, we’re helping churches in Africa get away from the ordination of women, but cozying up with an American church which is sending female pastors to teach African churches. This is far too confusing.

| July 11, 2018 | David Ramirez
“Inside the Reformation”

Great deal over at CPH’s Not Quite Perfect section:

| July 10, 2018 | David Ramirez
The church in decline

Maybe the way of life changed first and then led to these closings.

| July 8, 2018 | LP
“As Churches Close, a Way of Life Fades”

“Now our children have moved away. The grandkids have volleyball, dance on weekends. People are busy with other things." Too bad many folks will studiously avoid translating this into repentence: We failed to instill in our children the importance of God and His Word above all other things, and now the chickens is coming home to roost.

| July 8, 2018 | David Ramirez
“Islam has always been a part of America.”

No, this really isn’t a Babylon Bee post, but an article that somehow actually got published.

| July 8, 2018 | David Ramirez
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