Month: November 2018


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| November 24, 2018 | David Ramirez
“Pope Francis appoints Cardinal Cupich to organize Vatican summit on clergy sex abuse”

What did you expect, real reform? "The appointment is raising concerns because Cardinal Cupich has notably dismissed Archbishop Viganò’s testimony on the McCarrick abuse cover-up as a mere “rabbit hole” distracting the Church, believes that homosexuality is not a significant contributing factor in the abuse of minors (despite statistics showing otherwise), and has defended the Vatican postponing U.S. bishops from voting on measures to prevent abuse cover-up."

| November 24, 2018 | David Ramirez
Psychology is mostly Bunk

What I can’t understand is why, between the bizarre origins of psychology and the absolutely devastating reproducibility crisis it is facing, are Christians still looking to this pseudo-science for answers when we have the Word of God. I guess it’s just shiny toys and all…no wonder "Christian" psychology and "church" growth got popular in the same era.

| November 24, 2018 | David Ramirez
Baby boys and girls receive different nutrients in breast milk

It’s almost like men and women are actually very different, and shouldn’t be thought of and treated the same!

| November 24, 2018 | David Ramirez
Informal doctrinal discussions between W/ELS and the Missouri Synod continue

Like I always say, let’s strike this bargain: We’ll go back to what we all used to say on men and women, and the W/ELS can go back to what we all used to say about the Ministry. See, it’s so simple!

| November 23, 2018 | David Ramirez
Stop pretending you don’t love Thanksgiving

It’s satire…but is it really? #MakeShunningGreatAgain

| November 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Centuries-old Christian painting found in Japan

"The experts say this is the first discovery of a religious painting done in the Japanese traditional style."

| November 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Does romantic love sanctify married sex?

"This isn’t to say that romantic love in marriage is bad. To the contrary, it is truly wonderful! But it isn’t sanctifying. It is marriage that sanctifies romantic love and sex, but in our modern rebellion we have twisted this around and assert that romantic love sanctifies marriage and sex."

| November 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Hits Instead of Hymns

"Then, with minutes until Mass began, the Lutheran pastor mixed one last song and bopped his head in time to the electronic beats that filled the grand dome of the Hedvig Eleonora Church" Nothing looks lamer than the pastor trying to rap with the kids…especially when it’s a Scandinavian one.

| November 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
Lioness kills lion at Indianapolis Zoo

"The main lesson here is…that it’s something that can happen. If you have that combination of an aggressive female and submissive male, it might not be the ideal configuration." You know, considering how women’s liberation has turned out, I’m guessing this lesson has broader applications as well.

| November 21, 2018 | David Ramirez
“Median Age of Marriage”

The Pill has taken us into uncharted waters.

| November 17, 2018 | David Ramirez
Interesting History

Much was done by the Church during the Great War to make it appear patriotic and friendly to the world.

| November 13, 2018 | LP
Everyone wants into Ethiopia

I think this is the first article about Mekane Yesus that doesn’t tell me how many millions of people are there.

| November 8, 2018 | LP
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