Month: January 2019

“McJesus” sculpture of Ronald McDonald as crucifix outrages Israeli Christians

Absolutely disgusting! More proof that there will always be blasphemy laws, and that the only question is what will be considered too sacred to be blasphemed. #MakeBlasphemyLawsGreatAgain

| January 15, 2019 | David Ramirez
Islam’s Conquest of America…One Town at a Time

How’s that religious liberty working out for you? #BringBackChristendom

| January 3, 2019 | David Ramirez
Harrison: Let’s be Lutherans

"The LCMS is a large and complex organization, but congregations are the fundamental and divinely mandated building block of the Synod…The office you have placed me in has many responsibilities. The one repeated most often in the LCMS Constitution and Bylaws is that of doing whatever the president can to uphold the public teaching, doctrine and practice of the LCMS."

| January 2, 2019 | David Ramirez
What Is the Blue Pill?

Blue pills, red pills, feminism, chivalry, game, and the masculine reaction…a great article to help summarize and catch up folks on what folks have been talking about for the last several years that is increasingly entering the mainstream consciousness.

| January 1, 2019 | David Ramirez
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