Month: May 2019


" ‘We have put those years behind us,’ said Dr. Karl Barth, a leading synod conservative elected this year to head the Concordia Seminary…’The professors are now thoroughly committed to the doctrinal position of the synod,’ Dr. Barth said. ‘As for the students, for them that controversy doesn’t mean a thing.’ … Dr. Bohlmann’s relatively gentle manner and low-key approach to dissent have contributed to the peaceful mood in the church. He is aware of the congregations that violate some synod policies but has told district presidents, the regional heads of the church, to go slow on heavy-handed discipline.’ " Glad such disputes and issues are far in the past and everything worked out so calmly!

| May 31, 2019 | David Ramirez
Concordia University Chicago announces Dr. Russell P. Dawn as next president

I expect and pray that he will bring strong confessional Lutheran leadership to Concordia River Forest (Chicago). He’s got a big job…keep him in your prayers!

| May 31, 2019 | David Ramirez
“Publicly, Loudly, and Boldly: Proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ”

"Error is never content with toleration. Falsehood is never content with equality. The lies of this world always seek dominance over the truth of Jesus Christ."

| May 30, 2019 | David Ramirez
Black students were cast as slaves in New York teacher’s mock ‘auctions,’ state finds

In a surprising twist, the Atlantic District is not woke enough for their leftist overlords: "Under the agreement, the school must develop and submit a staff diversification plan for increasing minority representation among faculty and retain a diversity consultant for help educating students and school employees about racial and ethnic diversity in the educational setting. The school — where annual tuition costs up to $14,000 — agreed to commit new financial aid to increase diversity in its student body. It will also submit a new code of conduct to the attorney general’s office for addressing racial and ethnic discrimination and harassment, as well as other prohibited behaviors. Additionally, the school is required to create a formal complaint procedure for students or parents to report harassment or discrimination."

| May 30, 2019 | David Ramirez
ELCA “Bishop” Eaton’s Letter on Abortion

This is why serious people don’t consider the ELCA a Lutheran (or Christian) Church body: "Amid the legislative challenges to access to abortion, we must remember that this church supports ongoing access to legal abortion as well as access to abortion services and reproductive health care that is not restricted by economic factors."

| May 30, 2019 | David Ramirez
Lutheran Hour Ministries Bible Study Writer…and a Presbyterian Pastor!

What?!? Is LHM associated with the LCMS or ELCA?

| May 25, 2019 | David Ramirez
Academics understand that chivalry isn’t Christian

Even academics get it…too bad "conservative" Christians don’t.

| May 22, 2019 | David Ramirez
Washington becomes first state to legalize human composting

Gross. But, not totally surprising now that it has become widespread to strip-mine the dead and treat the body in the same fashion as the pagans of old did.

| May 22, 2019 | David Ramirez
Skipping All Nude Scenes, Christian Makes It Through Six Seasons Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ In 20 Minutes

"Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls."

| May 21, 2019 | David Ramirez
Alabama abortion ban: Nation’s strictest abortion bill passes; no rape, incest exceptions

I never thought I’d say this, but I certainly am now: "Roll Tide!"

| May 15, 2019 | David Ramirez
Sex-Related Neuroanatomical Basis of Emotion Regulation Ability

But I thought gender-bending liberals loved science? The evidence keeps racking up that men and women really are from different planets. Shocking to no one except reality-denialists, there is a substantial difference between the sexes when comes to emotional control.

| May 8, 2019 | David Ramirez
The Enlightenment Against Nations and Peoples

"For Christians who have been misled by heretical pastors, globalism might seem to be a somewhat unrealistic aspiration to realizing the Kingdom of God in a fallen world. For modern intellectuals, who trace their ancestry back to the Enlightenment, the origin is hatred: Hatred of man made in the image of God, hatred of the God who took on human form, hatred of Christianity in all its more traditional forms, hatred of all the institutions and traditions of the West that used to be known as Christendom."

| May 6, 2019 | David Ramirez
Islamists attack French church, slit priest’s throat

The logical reaction would be to outlaw Islam and deport every single Muslim from France. #BringBackChristendom

| May 6, 2019 | David Ramirez
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