Month: August 2019

Change Or Die Conference with Female ELCA Pastor and LCMS CSL President Meyer

President Meyer will share reasons to be optimistic about the future of the church and the ways the church could evolve to spread the Gospel more effectively. So much for continuing steadfast in the Apostles doctrine, the fellowship, the breaking of the bread, and the prayers – now we get an evolutionary mindset about the church. Does the church evolve? Is that LCMS or ELCA doctrine?

| August 29, 2019 | LP
Two convention resolutions now available in Spanish

Really? The resolutions that need to be rushed through translation are that we affirm 1. that all people are human and 2. that we should be both responsible citizens and good neighbors when it comes to immigration? Did anyone have any serious doubt about this? This is painfully virtue-signally. Furthermore, there are a whole host of way more important resolutions that should have been translated before these that would be of much greater benefit to the Spanish speaking members of the LCMS. The very timely and important resolution on creation being chief among them.

| August 28, 2019 | David Ramirez
The Satanic Temple is in favour of equal rights for LGBT+ people

"In a interview for documentary Hail Satan? published in Attitude magazine, Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves claimed that nearly half of Satanists identify as LGBT+." I am incredibly shocked, can’t you tell?

| August 27, 2019 | David Ramirez
Against the dictatorship of church ladies

"What we need is a return to the Ecclesia militans—the Church Militant, the Church as fighter. Most Catholics now equate Christian charity with both physical and spiritual pacifism. Not only does this turn off men who want to fight for something, but it also ignores the many evils that need to be fought. Real charity involves fighting immorality and error through constant prayer and meaningful action." This is not just true for the RCC but for the LCMS as well.

| August 24, 2019 | David Ramirez
Catholic parish allows 1st-graders to sign up as ‘gender neutral’ for Communion class

As I always say, "Just remember that the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest liberal protestant denomination…and it all makes sense." HT: Pr. Joshua Conradt

| August 23, 2019 | David Ramirez
MSCHE’s (Middle States Commission on Higher Education) official action of placing Concordia New York on probation concerning accreditation.

I know the controversy at Concordia Chicago is all the rage right now…but the situation at Bronxeville seems to be even more immediately serious.

| August 22, 2019 | David Ramirez
Man Refuses To Join Local Gym, Claims He’s Just Part Of The ‘Universal Gym’

And no, it doesn’t make it any better, or you sound any smarter, if you throw around the phrase "una sancta."

| August 21, 2019 | David Ramirez
Prodigal Son Kicked Back Out After Old Tweets Surface

The Pharisees ain’t got nothing on the SJWs. Boy, does Babylon Bee really have its finger on the pulse of the Synod right now or what?!?

| August 20, 2019 | David Ramirez
You should go to the Bugenhagen Conference

(A review of the recent 2019 Bugenhagen Conference)

| August 20, 2019 | David Ramirez
Christianity is Radical… Again

"We need to understand that university campuses in the US in general are increasingly hostile to Christianity and traditional Christian ethics. Students and professors are becoming increasingly inimical to our faith and its confession and practice. In some cases, universities are becoming places of violence, intimidation, and doxxing."

| August 14, 2019 | David Ramirez
ELCA Goes Universalist?

"Johnson then made a motion to amend from the floor. ‘I am here to speak truth to power, even if it is an inconvenient truth,’ Johnson said during his address of the motion. ‘I would urge this assembly to repudiate and repent of any false teachings.’ Pastor [sic!] Jennifer Chrien (Southwest California Synod) spoke against the amendment, saying, ‘Frankly I am embarrassed that we are having this conversation right now in front of all of our inter-faith guests.’ She continued, ‘Our God is big enough for our family to include all of these interfaith siblings. Our God is big enough to admit that we do not know everything there is to know.’ Johnson’s motion to amend was overwhelmingly defeated. The policy statement was adopted with 97.48% voting in favor." Uh…leave the burning building while there’s still time.

| August 13, 2019 | David Ramirez
The largest US Lutheran denomination votes to become the nation’s first ‘sanctuary church body’

The ELCA binds mens’ consciences to break the 4th Commandment and support the invasion of our country. Unbelievable. Well, not really…they also say that you can murder babies. The LCMS should take out a full page in the newspaper to make sure people know that this craziness is not connected to us.

| August 12, 2019 | David Ramirez

So much for John 14:6. Is this what the boomers call "Judeo-Christianity"?

| August 11, 2019 | David Ramirez
Police your organization…Or it will be infiltrated by evil and it will be destroyed

"This is why Christian organizations need to keep out those who are unrepentant and take pride in their sins. It’s particularly important for organizations that have child members, because predators always go where the prey is." Being "a nice/good guy" is not grounds for being a leader. A man needs to have a proven track record, a history of battles fought, and a list of objectives accomplished before he’s put forth for leadership. We need to do this much more strenuously in the LCMS.

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
“Sloots: ‘Christianity means never having to say I’m sorry.'”

"I don’t follow the show, but according to the news accounts Christian bachelorette Hannah B is outraged at being slut shamed by fellow Christian Luke Parker. The Christian Post characterizes Luke as “polarizing” for suggesting that Christian sexual morality matters."

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
Elizabeth Eaton re-elected presiding bishop of the ELCA

If the ELCA were a church, I’d be a sedevacantist.

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
Feminist charisma

"The feminist dream has turned into a nightmare. Here she finally is, one of the guys, but instead of being loved she is unlovable. She traded her feminine power for masculine power, and now she has neither." Warning: I caught the main points, but you might have to be a comic book nerds to get some this.

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
“Dance celebrating gay sexual behavior in church sanctuary shows what God sees in the hearts of many priests”

I forgot! The other reason why many swim the Tiber is because they’re gay. Just remember this saying and it will all make sense: "The Roman Catholic Church is just the biggest of the mainline liberal Protestant denominations in America."

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
Only 26% of US Catholics under 40 Believe in the Real Presence

Lutherans who look to Rome as a bastion of orthodoxy are really, really dumb…which is why those who are foolish enough to convert usually do it in secret and under the cloak of darkness.

| August 7, 2019 | David Ramirez
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