Month: August 2020

CDC: 94% of COVID-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions

Glad we continue to shut down the world for this "pandemic". The devil has been busy at work to attack the church, civil government, and the family during this whole situation.

| August 31, 2020 | David Ramirez
*Orcs March On Minas Tirith In Mostly Peaceful Protest
| August 29, 2020 | David Ramirez
Wisconsin Lutheran College won’t host Mike Pence for commencement, citing Kenosha unrest

Bowing to the mob never gets you anywhere. I guess Lutherans still need to learn this lesson.

| August 28, 2020 | David Ramirez
BLM speaker in Portland says police should have been strangled by their umbilical cords and she’s ready to shoot them

Hey, I’ve got a great idea! An LCMS high school should be involved with and supportive of a mural that uses the same slogan and revolutionary symbolism as these crazies. That’s got to be the ticket to faithfulness, right?

| August 19, 2020 | David Ramirez
Australia: Police Deploy Drones to track rule-breakers

Skynet is rising, and bootlickers still think that Romans 13 means that no one can resist rulers who have forsaken and left their office and have turned into monsters. Pathetic.

| August 19, 2020 | David Ramirez
Black Man Executes White Child in Broad Daylight in North Carolina Neighborhood

Should white people riot over this senseless slaughter? Would that be "justified" somehow because of interracial crime trends? Is President Matt Harrison going to issue a statement about this? Are there going to be FB groups for "justice" for this little boy? Is someone going to buy a little golden casket? Are the same people who immediately called George Floyd’s death a murder going to insist that this man is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and receive a fair trial, or are the eyewitness testimony and police report enough to call this a murder? Will this little boy’s family be able to even gather for a funeral? Will coronavirus concerns be tossed out the window like for George Floyd? Also, it’s pretty interesting that the media isn’t covering this. It’s almost like certain people want to increase ethnic strife and division in America for their own ends. Maybe this is just another example of white privilege.

| August 12, 2020 | David Ramirez
600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested

I’m staring to think that people might be using this virus for their own evil intentions.

| August 12, 2020 | David Ramirez
Public Schoolteacher Complains Home Learning Will Interfere With Trans, Race, And Gay Propaganda

When will Christians stop being so dumb as to send their children to be trained by the enemy?!?

| August 12, 2020 | David Ramirez
‘Very misguided:’ Milwaukee Lutheran High School Facebook post about BLM movement sparks backlash

What was really "misguided" was the school supporting and celebrating a teacher who was creating a mural that linked itself to BLM and used communist/socialist imagery. Pandering to the world only earns you its scorn. I wonder if LCMS Lutherans will learn to stop trying to placate the mob before every single one of our institutions is destroyed.

| August 12, 2020 | David Ramirez
Dr. Michael Lederman Proposes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines & Registries

He seems nice…just like this seems to be "just about the science."

| August 8, 2020 | David Ramirez
Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic.

Give them a mask and they will take a vaccine. This is an assault by tyrants (and worse) into the life of the Church and familial estate.

| August 8, 2020 | David Ramirez
Concerning Civil Government Ordering Masks in Church

Points for the ministerium to discuss and debate concerning mask mandates.

| August 7, 2020 | David Ramirez
Conservatives fiddle while the USA burns

"The unmitigated failure of conservatism is now beyond undeniable. Even the Hillsdale crowd is beginning to recognize it." This is great news and gives some hope that the Missouri Synod might wake up in a few years since the LCMS Intelligenstia is downwind of the Hillsdale bow-tie conservative club.

| August 6, 2020 | David Ramirez

Good commentary from Jason Whitlock. Would that our church leaders would be as sober and careful according to the 8th Commandment.

| August 6, 2020 | David Ramirez
Milwaukee Lutheran High School said Black Lives Matter group’s beliefs ‘do not align with biblical views’; parents urged to pull kids

When will LCMSers learn that trying to play the middle between incompatible positions is the worst way forward? It is good that MLS rejected the anti-Christian BLM organization. But to try and make a neat and tidy distinction between the organization and "movement" convinces no one. MLS should just admit that to support a mural full of socialist/communist and black power imagery was really dumb and gave a horrible witness. Maybe another good thing to reflect upon would be how perhaps taking all that government money to educate kids, many of whom are obviously not there to learn the faith, was a short-sighted plan. Also, if this is how many of the alumni of the institution are behaving–like raving Marxists–how much Lutheranism is actually being taught at the school?

| August 6, 2020 | David Ramirez
George Floyd Bodycam Footage finally Available

After a long struggle with high as a kite (and resisting arrest) George Floyd, fearing more resistance and violence, and an ambulance on the way, the officers kept him restrained on the ground. Perhaps they could and should have done more for him. Maybe they were deciding to play it safe rather than sorry. I don’t know. But to say that these police officers murdered him goes way beyond the evidence. This is why sober people who aren’t suckers for virtue-signaling said that it was premature to call his death a racist murder and that we should wait until the necessary evidence was out before speaking about the situation with surety. When will our synod’s leaders learn this?!? It’s like they haven’t been awake to what the media has been up to for years.

| August 4, 2020 | David Ramirez
Video about LCMS Southeastern District Lay Deacon Program

Not only is this is very akin to the new monasticism, but do people really not realize that Philip was not just a typical deacon?!? He was obviously no longer a deacon after the church in Jerusalem was scattered, but was sent out to publicly preach, teach, and administer the sacraments. He’s a pastor, directly commissioned by an angel of the Lord to go to the Ethiopian Eunuch. I thought we already dealt with the whole deacon thing a couple conventions ago?!?

| August 3, 2020 | David Ramirez
LCMS Southeastern District Lay Deacon Promo Video

I do not really have the words to describe this.

| August 3, 2020 | David Ramirez
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